Former Members


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Carla Baldovin Saavedra

Carla Baldovin Saavedra : Postdoc, 2012-2017

Postdoc 2012-2017, working on observational analysis of protoplanetary disks, in particular photoevaporation induced by stellar high-energy radiation.

Florian Bauer

Florian Bauer : Master student, 2012-13

Master student 2012-13, on exoplanets in Kepler data.

Ines Brott

Ines Brott : Postdoc, 2010-2018

Postdoc 2010-2018, working on thermo-chemical model code for protoplanetary disks, based on PHOENIX/3D. Also strong supporter of public planetarium project.

Cosima Eibensteiner

Cosima Eibensteiner : Former member

Master student 2018-19, working on the disk and disk wind of DG Tau. Published in A&A.

Vardan Elbakyan

Vardan Elbakyan : Former member

Exchange student 2018, from Russia for 6 months working on the evolution of young accreting low-mass stars and brown dwarfs.

Luca Fabiani

Luca Fabiani : Former member

Exchange student 2019, from Paris for 6 months working on stellar magnetic fields.

Liliana Gracanin

Liliana Gracanin :

Visiting scientist 2021.

Fabian Haberhauer

Fabian Haberhauer : Former member

Master student 2022, working on spectroscopic analysis of cool stars.

Gopal Hazra

Gopal Hazra : Postdoc

Postdoc (2022) working on atmospheric escape from exoplanets.

Carina Heinreichsberger

Carina Heinreichsberger : Former member

Master student (2021-2022), working on Venus atmosphere.

Christiane Helling

Christiane Helling : Guest Professor 2011, from U. St. Andrews

Guest professor in 2011, working on astrophysical dust and brown dwarfs.

Colin Johnstone

Colin Johnstone : Postdoc, FFG

Postdoc working with the PatH project. Main interests: magnetohydrodynamical modelling of stellar winds in single and binary star systems, stellar magnetism, stellar rotation, star-planet interactions, and star-disc interactions.

Inga Kamp

Inga Kamp : Guest Professor 2011, from University of Groningen

Guest professor in 2011, working on thermo-chemical disk modeling.

Armin Liebhart

Armin Liebhart : PhD student, 2010-

PhD student starting 2010, working on X-ray data and modeling of protoplanetary disks affected by stellar X-ray irradiation.

Theresa Lüftinger

Theresa Lüftinger : Senior Scientist, 2016-2020

Senior Scientist 2016-2020, working on magnetic fields of cool and hot stars, their modeling via Zeeman/magnetic Doppler imaging and interactions with planetary environments. Member of the PatH project.

Nina-Elisabeth Nemec

Nina-Elisabeth Nemec : Bachelors and Masters student, 2014-2017

Master student 2014-2017, working on XUV spectra of low-mass stars.
Interests also include the magnetic fields and winds of late-type stars. Bachelors and masters thesis in group.

Robert Pohl

Robert Pohl : Masters Student, 2015-2016

Master student 2015-2016, working on chemical pathways in protoplanetary disks using ProDiMo chosing suitable pathways and to simplify the large number of equations.

Christian Rab

Christian Rab : PhD student, Master student, 2011-2017

PhD student 2013-2017, working on effects of high-energy radiation and particles on the thermo-chemical structure of protoplanetary disks.

Markus Rosenberger

Markus Rosenberger : Former member

Master student 2021, works on planetary atmosphere modeling.

Yury Sasunov

Yury Sasunov : Former member

Postdoc 2022, working on interactions between the Earth's magnetosphere and the solar wind.

Sophie Alma Schallert

Sophie Alma Schallert : Former member

Master student 2019-2020, working on chemical analysis of protostars with the ALMA observatory.

Leander Schlarmann

Leander Schlarmann : Former member

Master student (2021-2022), working on modelling Venus-like atmospheres

Thomas Schobesberger

Thomas Schobesberger : Former member

Master student 2021, works on the Fermi bubbles of the Milky Way.

Aleksandr Skliarevskii

Aleksandr Skliarevskii : Former member

Visitng PhD Student 2018-2021, from Russia first stay in 2018/19 (6 months), second stay in 2020-21 (6 months) on Ernst Mach stipend working on dust dynamics in protostellar disks.

Arijane Sommeregger

Arijane Sommeregger : Former member

Master student 2022, working on protoplanetary atmosphere with TAPIR.

Maria Steinrück

Maria Steinrück : Master thesis student, with TU Vienna, 2015

Master student 2015, working on protostellar disks.

Olga Stoyanovskaya

Olga Stoyanovskaya : Former member

Postdoc 2016, from Russia for 1 month on an Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research award.

Lucia Teng

Lucia Teng : Former member

Exchange student 2020-21, from Paris for 4 months working in group on planetary atmospheres.

Patricia Trinkl

Patricia Trinkl : Master student, 2012-13

Master student 2012-13, working on hydrodynamic modeling of protoplanetary disks.

Lin Tu

Lin Tu : Phd student, 2014-17

PhD student 2014-2017, working on star-planet interactions in the young solar system, mainly for upper atmospheric simulation and evolution.

Jan Vatant D’Ollone

Jan Vatant D’Ollone : Former member

Exchange student 2015, from Paris for 3 months working on stellar magnetic fields and their evolution with stellar rotation.

Cornelia Weber

Cornelia Weber : Master thesis student, 2019-2020

Master student, 2019-2020, working on exoplanetary atmospheres.

Peter Woitke

Peter Woitke : Senior Postdoc

Postdoc, one of the main developers of the radiation thermo-chemical disk modelling code ProDiMo. He is the PI of the EU FP7 DIANA-project.